Remote monitoring system and control systems provided by Markim, enables the operators to gain remote access to the generators without distance limits, and to monitor all relevant details. These systems provide a wide range of solutions ranging from a simple alarm to a SCADA display for complex applications.

Remote monitoring generators supplied by Markim can be controlled from their panel and through a computer. Such computer can be installed nearby the generator or at a remote site.

In simplest configuration, the control unit of a generator can be connected to the RS-232 serial port of your computer. Thus, you can use the software provided by Markim to control your computer. However, this configuration requires a maximum distance of 10 meters between the generator and the computer.

If you would like to control your generator on your local area network or the Internet, an optional unit can be installed to enable you to use the above-mentioned software and to control your generator without a distance limit.

It is possible to use the remote-control system to read data of your engine, alternator and control systems. You can also set the generator to automatic mode, switch it off and on, and test it, and read basic data about its load.