Aiming to provide uninterrupted power solutions to people with sustainable improvement and innovation, Mar-Kim designs and installs high quality diesel, mobile lighting towers, gasoline generators solutions that exceed the expectations of its customers.

Thanks to its solid experience and engineering know-how since 2007, Mar-Kim has been offering special power solutions that can work efficiently even in the toughest conditions for large international projects such as construction, telecommunications, data centers, shopping centers, hotels, residential buildings, supermarkets, sports centers, mining facilities, hospitals, research centers, educational institutions and industrial facilities all over the world.

Today, thanks to high quality generator sets approved with international quality certificates consisting of the world’s leading engine brands and world-famous alternators, fast and effective after-sales technical support and maintenance services to meet the needs of projects in different output ranges; more than 130 countries,

Mar-Kim is your reliable power solutions partner whenever and wherever you need it.